Agriculture is one of the major contributors to the growth of the Indian economy. However, over the years we have seen the struggles of farmers and how there are gaps in the supply that result in quality issues for end consumers. A holistic farming ecosystem is one of the effective ways to address the concerns and bring quality products to the market.

The much-needed support for farmers

There is a minimum income that the farmers need to earn to sustain their livelihood with their agricultural produce. When poverty strikes, many of the farmers leave farming practices to migrate to cities for minimum wage jobs. The right support is needed to turnaround this situation for farmers so that they stay back with a sustainable income in their hometown.

Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs) like Goda Farm are transforming the lives of farmers by supporting them. The FPO connects with corporate companies to understands their requirements in terms of quantity and quality.

By selling products through the FPO, the farmers can plan the crop production as per the requirement and get a fair price for their produce. The NGOs of FPOs also plan and implement initiatives to further support the families of farmers.

How consumers benefit from the ecosystem?

When consumers purchase products from the market, they look for quality seals or may check the source of the produce. Sometimes, there are intermediaries who use illegal techniques to sell the products. To prevent such instances, sourcing products from the FPO directly is a good approach. FPOs can estimate the market requirements and co-ordinate directly with sellers to ensure the consumer receives the expected quality.

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