Goda Farm works directly with a strong and reliable network of 15,000 farmers from across the Marathwada region in Maharashtra. We look for opportunities to collaborate with farmers, research labs, educational institutions, financial firms (banks and NBFCs) and corporate houses. These collaborations enable us to support farmers with knowledge, financial support, research insights and trading opportunities.

Goda Farm is actively involved in building a network of farmers and supporting them with outreach activities and more.

Event & Updates​

We organize Kharif and Rabi Farmer rallies every year in the month of May and September. Events like these help us to gather information on preparing for upcoming seasons, catch up with the experts from agriculture universities, and interact with the industry influencers on various aspects.

The community culture allows Goda Farm to understand the needs of the farmers and help them grow with the knowledge of farming techniques, infrastructure support and growth opportunities.

Event and updates