Food traceability is a focus area for food industry stakeholders across the world. India is considered among the major producers of fruits and vegetables across the world. Managing the various areas across the supply chain becomes essential to ensure the end consumers receive a product that is safe to consume.

The food-related diseases that are caused due to inappropriate practices for improving the product features or to prolong the life of the product are a matter of concern for food producers. In India, the infrastructure and food traceability system pose challenges largely due to the unstructured nature of the sector.

Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs) are revolutionising the food traceability system by streamlining the processes. With guidance and infrastructure support available to farmers, the crop production can be planned and the quality expectations can be met. The ‘Farm To Plate’ trend with monitored processes prevents possible contamination of food items with planned storage and packaging solutions.

Foodborne diseases due to bad quality of food can tarnish a brand image and trigger health risk concerns from authorities. The stakeholders in the food traceability systems such as farmers, processors, sellers, etc. who demonstrate transparency in food management are likely to resolve quality challenges on time.

Goda Farm focusses on providing end-to-end food traceability to deliver quality produce to the consumer.

– Team GodaFarm

Some of the actions that are important to ensure adherence to food safety standards and regulations include:

  • Keeping track of the source of the produce and the locations until it reaches the customer
  • Recalling contaminated products and identifying the cause of contamination
  • Performing quality checks for additives and alignment of quality parameters with the latest food safety laws and client requirement
  • Taking appropriate measures on time to stop the bad-quality produce from moving ahead in the supply chain

Goda Farm is one of the respected Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs) promoting good-quality produce with a systematic food traceability workflow. With a secure workflow to manage the produce of the growers, Goda Farm is able to deliver the best quality produce to sellers and end consumers.


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